Digital Ocular Imaging Unit


IINTACS are micro-thin transparent synthetic rings that can be implanted into the cornea to correct vision. The implanting procedure takes only 5 minutes per eye and can be done with topical anesthesia at the Sharif Eye Center.

This service is provided for two groups of patients:

  • Short sighted patients who could not be treated completely by LASIK due to lack of sufficient corneal thickness. For example, if the patient has minus 13 degrees shortsight and his corneal thickness allows only 10 degrees to be treated by LASIK, then the remaining 3 degrees can be corrected by implanting the rings (INTACS).
  • For improving the vision of KERATOCONUS patients, INTACS can be used to decrease the abnormal cone – shape of the cornea and induce visual rehabilitation of the patient.


Traditionally, corneal transplants were performed using special blades called trephines to cut the diseased cornea and replace it with a healthy donor cornea of the same size.

Sharif Eye Center is one of the very first eye care clinics to introduce this new laser technology for corneal transplantation.

The use of INTRALASE® FEMTOSECOND ULTRAFAST LASER creates a contoured, precise corneal re-section, which has made corneal transplantation a safer and more defined procedure with micron-level accuracy. This procedure has greatly helped improve our ability to restore vision in cases facing blindness from severe corneal disease.


DLK is a safe alternative to full thickness corneal transplantation for patients having scars in their cornea or suffering from Keratinous.

The safety factor for this technique is due to the fact that in this method of corneal transplantation, the patient’s own endothelium is kept intact. The endothelium is the inner most layer of the cornea that was found to be responsible for over 90% of cases in which rejection occurred after the whole cornea was transplanted (using the old technique; the full thickness corneal transplant).

This technique offers a much higher success rate than the earlier procedure and is much safer.

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