Spreading peace and harmony among people of different religions in Yemen
“Our purpose is to spread a culture of tolerance and peace among the community.”
Action Areas: Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation, Youth, Women, Civil Engagment, Interfaith Dialogue
Traditions: Christianity, Islam
Sub-Traditions: Shi'a, Sunni, Zaidis
Number of Members: 9
Location: Sanaa, Yemen
Joined URI Network: November 2014
Further objects are to:
·         Reduce sectarian and sectarian fighting and raise awareness of its damage to the social and cultural fabric.
·         Reduce the phenomenon of proliferation of weapons and awareness of the risk to social peace.
·         Consolidate the principles of voluntary work in society.
·         Encouraging youth creations and talents in various sports and artistic fields aimed at building peace in society
·         Spread peaceful coexistence in Yemeni society
Since Youth of Peace launch in 2014 they have visited elderly in Eids, organized entertaining trips and a marathon for handicapped. Under the theme “take my hand with thanks” and they drew hundreds of smiles on children faces and distributed valuable gifts. Many religious leaders and peace builders participated in this event. 
In 2017 Youth of peace realized the “Laqta”-Project, where they produced two documentary films on peace and the dissemination of concepts of tolerance and coexistence. Also, a peace trip on the International Day of Peace was organized. Furthermore Youth of Peace organized a training for youth and active citizenship, to educate youth about active citizenship, human rights and empowerment, after this training two new initiatives were created to serve Yemeni society.
URI represents for them the volunteer scenario where they can enhance friendship and respect for each other, stopping hatred and restoring peace. URI is opening more doors for them to connect with international NGOs.