A new CC joined URI MENA family.
Please join me in welcoming "Youth of Peace CC" from Yemen. Below its details:
Youth of peace
PURPOSE: Spread peace among religions
TRADITIONS: Islam Sunni, Islam Shi’a, Islam Zaidis, Christians
DESCRIPTION OF CC’S ACTIVITIES: After the revolution in Yemen, a lot of clashes took place between the followers of different faiths that
used to live in peace and harmony, hence, I and my friends established an informal group to restore the tolerance between Yemeni from
different faiths through organizing entertainment and sport activities involving followers of all faiths in Yemen to enable them spend quality
time together. When I heard about URI, I invited my friends to join URI since our goals are in line with URI mission. Also, we believe that we
should share our stories with others and learn from other experiences. We spread peace and religious tolerance through organizing social and
community service activities such as sports, entertainments, and trips...etc
DESIRED OUTCOME: spreading peace and harmony among people of different religions in Yemen
MAIN FOCUS: Peace-building, Youth (ages 18 to 30)