URI membership groups are called Cooperation Circles because they are created by people of different traditions who come together to initiate acts of interfaith cooperation. CCs, which are the basic unit of URI membership, consist of local or virtual groups that include at least seven members and at least three different religions, spiritual expressions and indigenous traditions. Currently, our network includes 398 Cooperation Circles in 67 countries, and over 100 religions. 
Individuals, associations or organizations seeking membership in the URI join an existing CC or create a new one .In addition to new groups that come into being as CCs, many already organized interfaith groups apply to become a CC in order to be part of URI’s global network. 
Each determines its own unique purpose, membership, and ways of making decisions that are relevant to and consistent with the Preamble, Purpose, and Principles of URI. From organizing interfaith civic and religious events to sharing meals and conversation, from intervening peace actions in war zones to arms reduction and AIDS prevention, CC members see a need and reach out to meet it. Cooperation Circles exchange stories and reports of how they are deepening interfaith respect and creating cultures of peace in their communities. This rich tapestry of stories can be found in the MENA News. 
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