Constructive and friendly encounters between inhabitants of Eilat
"Our purpose is getting together people living in Eilat of various denominations to build an interfaith community."
Action Areas: Community Building, Human Rights
Traditions: Judaism, Christianity, Spirituality
Sub-Traditions: Secular Humanistic, Druze
Number of Members: 13
Location: Eilat, Israel
Joined URI Network: March 2015
This group is mainly formed by educators who develop their work in Eliat, just around the corner of Aqaba, in Jordan, with a unique interfaith composition for Israel. Their population is formed by Muslims, Christians, Armenians and other sub-groups. Cooperation Circle (CC) members believe that education is very important in building bridges. They organize meetings at private venues to study basic religious texts and lectures, concentrating on the educational scope. They also promote social meetings, associating children and relatives, and arrange trips and visits to sites connected to the various religions. By learning and sharing, students, teachers and parents understand the importance of appreciating the different. They hope to build a strong interfaith community in Eliat.
World-leading source of environmental news from the Middle East
"Our purpose is to report on environment news in the Middle East, while being mindful to cultural and religious sensitivities in the dialogue for a healthy environment and Middle East peace."
Action Areas: Environment
Traditions: Islam, Judaism, Christianity
Number of Members: 20
Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
Joined URI Network: May 2009
GreenProphet.com is a Middle Eastern environmental news site that focuses on green stories and living tips. They believe that as ecological issues have no boundaries, there must be a forum for green leaders in the region to come together online. In the past, they organized a blogger's conference for young activists in Jordan. They also attended a Middle East Water Security event, attended by the Prince of Jordan, and voiced their concerns about the importance of getting young voices and that of environmentalists into the Middle East water dialogue and negotiations.
Jerusalem CCYouth musicians furthering a culture of peace in the Middle East
"Our purpose: to empower Israeli and Palestinian musicians; to create opportunities and spaces for musicians from both sides to work together; to hear each other and amplify our voices to the wider community; and to utilize music's power to influence the world around us."
Action Areas: Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation, Youth
Traditions: Spirituality, Christianity, Humanism, Islam, Judaism
Sub-Traditions: Universal Church, Druze
Number of Members: 8
Location: Jerusalem, Israel
Joined URI Network: December 2007
Based in Jerusalem, Heartbeat is an international community of musicians, educators, and activists using music to build mutual understanding and transform conflict. Their major activities include:
1. The Heartbeat All-Star Band: Under the Fulbright award, 12 outstanding young musicians were selected as members of the Heartbeat Youth Ensemble, the foundation of the Heartbeat program. As Heartbeat grows to create more opportunities for young Israeli and Palestinian musicians to come together, this Heartbeat Band continues as their flagship program. The ensemble, featuring Jerusalem's most committed and most talented Israeli and Palestinian high school aged musicians, is an intensive year-round program. Through their musical partnership, these students share a unique opportunity to connect with the other side, build strong relationships, and develop a deep understanding of the world around them.
2. Berlin-Jerusalem Hip-Hop for Social Change Exchange: In May and June 2010 they brought together 16 German, Turkish, Israeli and Palestinian youth musicians, rappers and hip-hop artists for a week-long exchange in Jerusalem and then a week in Berlin.
3. Summer Camp: For 5-7 days Heartbeat's most committed young musicians come together for an intensive week of music creation, listening, and expression. Prominent Israeli and Palestinian artists offer workshops on song-writing, hip-hop, jazz improvisation, Eastern and Western music theory, and music's history as a force for change.
4. Battle of the Bands: A music competition for Jerusalem area youth musicians and ensembles.
5. Open Mic: HEAR. BE HEARD. This open stage event is open to all and takes place each month at the Willie Brandt Center in Abu Tor, Jerusalem.
Religious leaders using religion as a force for peace in the Holy Land
"Our purpose is peace building and working towards reconciliation in the Holy Land and reclaiming the religious voice as a positive force for reconciliation in the region."
Action Areas: Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation
Traditions: Christianity, Islam, Judaism
Number of Members: 7
Location: Jerusalem, Israel
Joined URI Network: August 2007
Jerusalem Peacemakers are a family of peacemakers working together to bring peace to the city of Jerusalem and the world, seeking to unite the heavenly and earthly Jerusalem.
Making the world a safer, better place
"Our purpose is to expand the awareness of the importance of the Volunteering field for the youth in Eilaboun village.”
Action Areas: Youth, Environment, Health and Social Services
Traditions: Indigenous, Christianity, Islam
Sub-Traditions: Bedouin, Orthodox, Sunni, Catholic
Number of Members: 14
Location: Eilaboun Village, Israel
Joined URI Network: August 2010
Khoyoot Cooperation Circle (CC) believes change starts from inside—changing one’s self is needed in order to change the world. They want to build a better future for their children and the people in their village, Eilaboun, many of whom are Christians and Muslims. So far, members have organized a youth summer camp, several community service projects, interfaith visits—meeting people from different faiths in their village—and have hosted foreigners from different faiths at their houses. Mother’s day activity was organized, a Christmas market in the village was supported by volunteers of the CCs and youth groups were given lectures about nutrition in the past year.
Bringing women together to create peace between religions within communities
"Our purpose is for women to bring their hearts together, to create peace locally within our community and our religions, to strengthen women religiously and to create cooperation among the religions in our local community."
Action Areas: Women
Traditions: Christianity, Islam, Spirituality
Sub-Traditions: Druze
Number of Members: 50
Location: Daliat Ha Carmel, Israel
Joined URI Network: May 2010
Members of this Cooperation Circle (CC) live in a local community where there is often violence based on mistrust and fear between the different religious groups. Members believe that women can meet together to learn about religions within their communities to create harmony together and have a positive influence on their families and larger social circles. They hold regular meetings with different religious groups to get to know others and their customs so as to support women to create cultivate harmony between religious groups in their communities. They also hold large meetings with deep discussion about different religious holidays – sharing customs and rituals. Meetings with Jewish women’s groups from other communities are also held to strengthen connections between women in their local region and country - from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem -- and to learn more about other religions. This CC is a program within the Daliat Ha Carmel Community Center and therefore are part of the Israeli National Community Center system and have access to meet regularly with twenty other Arab and Jewish community centers.
Our purpose is to create a platform for MENA Jam alumni to continue interconnecting and networking, taking tools and experiences from the gathering and bringing them into their daily lives.
The Middle East & North Africa Youth Leadership Jam (MENA Jam) CC is a network of diverse young and enthusiastic change-makers who are engaged and committed leaders from across the MENA region (including: Palestine, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Tunisia, Lebanon, Algeria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India and Iraq) who are active in movements for sustainability, peace, interfaith dialogue, environment, human rights, women's rights, social justice, refugee support, trauma recovery, etc. All members of the MENA Jam CC have shared the same deep and powerful experience of participating in or facilitating, a 7 day intensive Jam, and are interested in carrying this work forward in the MENA region. The MENA Jam creates a unique space for deep listening, sharing, self-discovery, systemic inquiry and community building. It allows for authentic dialogue about each participant's struggles and dreams, and about the challenges and opportunities facing the region through the eyes of individual stories and experiences.
Members: 11
Traditions: Jewish, Islam Muslim, Baha’i, Maronite
Action Area: Youth, Women
Nurturing the minds and souls of diverse groups affected by regional conflict
"Our purpose is to promote innovative educational methods and conflict resolution training aimed at nurturing the minds and souls of Jewish, Christian, Muslim and Druze children in the Middle East living under chronic stress of regional conflict."
Action Areas: Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation, Youth
Traditions: Spirituality, Judaism, Christianity, Islam
Sub-Traditions: Druze
Number of Members: 50
Location: Kiryat Tivon, Israel
Joined URI Network: May 2010
Regeneration is an interfaith non-profit seeding the Middle East with an educational philosophy that embraces life, learning, the arts, the earth and all the children.
Their two main programs are:
1. Paths to Peace: Members build bridges between Jewish and Arab children while supporting the holistic education of the whole child, the head, hand, and heart. They co-sponsor Jewish – Arab Paired Waldorf Classes which includes the first Arab Waldorf School in Israel and they also co-sponsor the first integrated Jewish Arab Bicultural/Bilingual Waldorf kindergarten.
2. Kindergarten Teacher Training: Through support from the Regeneration Foundation, Palestinian kindergarten teachers from the West Bank area of Jenin are receiving Waldorf Teacher training at the Harduf Arabic Teacher Training Program in the Galilee. The Waldorf educational method is used in classrooms around the world from London to Nepal and from Los Angeles to Tel-Aviv. These teachers learn how to create a warm and nurturing classroom and how through stories and other activities they can model respect for all human beings.
Fostering global healing
“Our purpose is use religion as a force for peace"
Traditions: Christianity, Islam, Spirituality, Judaism
Sub-Traditions: Druze
Number of Members: 15
Location: Sarasota, FL, Israel
Joined URI Network: July 2005
The Abrahamic Reunion Cooperation Circle (CC) brings the voice of the religious leaders of Jewish, Christian, Muslim and Druze communities to be heard as a force for rebuilding trust between our religious communities. CC members travel as a group to different parts of the world to give public forums, giving hope that peace in the Holy Land is possible. This CC was originally formed from an informal network of spiritual peacemakers who journeyed together to the Parliament of the World's Religions in Barcelona in July 2005, and who held a founding retreat in Istanbul in September 2006. Since then, CC members hold over a dozen interfaith events in towns and villages across Israel. A typical event includes an interfaith dinner, discourse and prayer, and a public walk together through the town. The group also supports interfaith social projects such as emergency relief for people affected by violence, and a variety of interfaith projects spearheaded by individual members.