Social activists innovating non-formal educational activities and participation
"Our duty as social activists is to focus on using new ways of participation and innovating non-formal education activities."
Action Areas: Youth
Traditions: Islam, Christianity
Sub-Traditions: Shi'a, Sunni, Kurdish, Catholic
Number of Members: 7
Location: Baghdad, Iraq
Joined URI Network: February 2010
Iraqi Youth for Dialogue and Coexistence CC:
  • creates a common platform for Iraqi Youths to interact, communicate, and develop dialogue skills in areas related to interfaith
  • spreads awareness among all Iraqi youth on pluralism, democratic rule, interfaith dialogue, transparency, human rights' education, and gender equality through workshops, multimedia tools, and advocacy campaigns
  • gathers Iraqi, Arab, and Middle Eastern youth from all sects, religions, ethnicities, and non-partisan groups to discuss and solve cultural and religious clashes
  • trains young activists on leadership, interculturalism, conflict resolution, and peace building in an attempt to help them become initiators, each in his or her own community




Advocating for minorities' rights and a culture of tolerance and active citizenship.
“Our Purpose is to promote the multilateralism in the society through our work in faith-based issues, peace building or diversity promotion.”
Action Areas: Civic Engagement, Environment, Interfaith Dialogue, Peacebuilding
Number of Members: 9
Traditions: Christianity, Muslim, Mandaean
Sub-Traditions: Gnosticism, Shi'a, Sunni, Orthodox, Catholic
Location: Basra, Iraq
Joined URI Network: February 2017
Larsa Organization is a well-established non-profit organization working to restore peace in Iraq, a country that has been suffering from sectarian violence since 2003. Larsa has accomplished many bridge-building projects between different religious traditions and minorities. They focus on promoting minorities' rights and a culture of tolerance and active citizenship. The group is proud of its involvement in the We Are All Citizens Project in Iraq, which was developed by the Dutch organization (PAX) in partnership with them and in cooperation with the EU and Dutch MOFA. The project aimed at reinforcing citizenship and avoiding the sectarian tension and violence in Iraq. Members organize many activities, campaigns, events, workshops and festivals as well. In addition, they screen many documentaries. Larsa has published a religion heritage book under the supervision of the Director of Antiquities and Heritage Inspectorates in Basra and the representative of UNESCO in Iraq. The book is dedicated to the documentation of archaeological sites and serves to educate young people about cultural heritage and the importance of preserving it.
Peace-building and interfaith dialogue in Iraq at grassroots levels
“Our purpose is to build bridges of understanding and love among people of the diverse faiths of Iraq.”
Action Areas: Media
Traditions: Islam, Indigenous
Sub-Traditions: Shi'a, Sunni, Native
Number of Members: 14
Location: Baghdad, Iraq
Joined URI Network: February 2014
Ur for Interfaith Dialogue & Peacemaking CC build bridges of understanding and love among people of diverse faiths in Iraq, CC members have visited many sacred places of different faith traditions, built strong relationships with diverse faith leaders of Iraq, and utilized social media to promote understanding of religious diversity. CC members organize meetings for Sunna and Shia’ religious leaders in Baghdad, where participants deliver touching speeches about the importance of respecting one another.
Enhancing peaceful coexistence among followers of different religions and ethnic groups in Iraq
“Our purpose is to promote peace and coexistence and dedicating our religious diversities to serve humanity.”
Action Areas: Community Building, Environment, Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation, Women, Youth
Traditions: Christianity, Islam
Sub-Traditions: Sunni, Shi'a, Kurdish
Number of Members: 9
Location: Sulamanyah, Iraq
Joined URI Network: July 2017
Youth for New World Cooperation Circle (CC) enhances the peaceful coexistence among followers of different religions and ethnic groups in Iraq, particularly in the Kurdistan region in North Iraq. CC members build bridges and trust between followers of different religions and to promote inclusion to combat religiously-motivated violence and protect human rights. This group consists of diverse members coming from different religious, cultural and ethnic backgrounds in Kurdistan and Iraq. Members enjoy many years of experience in peace-building and human rights. They are part of the "We Are All Citizens" initiative, Future Conferences (18 conferences held in 18 Iraqi provinces), the No for Terrorism Marathon (in Basra 2012), and many other peace-building and human rights conferences, as well as several awareness campaigns that promote coexistence and minorities' rights, and a number of activities that support the displaced people in Iraq.